tiarstudio architecture

tiarstudio was founded in the beginning of the year 2001 as a professional association based in London. It is now located in Italy. The office production embrace architecture and interior design. We are equipped to manage a project through every stage from inception to completion. Since the formation of the office we have been involved on private and public commission in both Italy and abroad and on architectural design competitions.

Federico Florena (Napoli, 1973) graduated in Architecture at the University of Napoli, Italy and at the Bartlett School in London. Until 2003 he worked for GRA, Michael Hopkins and Norman Foster in London and for Renzo Piano in Paris.


Sila Barracco
Antonio Bisoli
Melania Cermola
Antonello De Leo
Luigi Della Morte
Davide Di Franco
Maria Duarte
Massimo Ferrara
Marie Kay
Salvatore Liccardi
Margherita Lovisolo
Giuseppe Meola
Francesco Meucci
Viviana Miccio
Milena Miranda
Nadia Miriello
Francesca Mosca
Roberto Papa
Giovanna Pecci
Matteo Randazzo
Giovanni Sivari
Michele Tarroni
Caterina Terribile Chianese
Taro Tsuruta
Matteo Vamene
Michelangelo Vargas
Francesca Vasquez
Giovanni Veneruso

Projects (selection)

2014 131  'AR|07', shop, Taipei, Taiwan
2014 129  'Iconio', winery, Salerno, Italy
2014 127  'AR|06', shop, Lugano, Suisse
2014 126  'AR|05', shop, Rome, Italy
2014 125  'Scarlatti', mixed use, Napoli, Italy
2014 121  'Khar', mixed use, Mumbai, India
2014 119  Pavilhão do Brasil at Expo2015, competition, 2nd prize, Milano, Italy
2014 118  Mumbai City Museum, competition, Mumbai, India
2014 116  'AR|04', shop, Moscow, Russia
2013 114  'AR|03', shop, Ischia, Italy
2013 113  'Gargonza', museum, Arezzo, Italy
2013 112  'Ba-Bar', Kitchen+Bar, Napoli, Italy
2013 109  'AR|02', shop, Milano, Italy
2013 107  'AA', house, Bergamo, Italy
2012 102  'LMS3', office, Milano, Italy
2012 100  'EggertVilla', house, Budapest, Hungary
2012 098  'Savoia', house, Roma, Italy
2012 097  'AR|01', shop, Napoli, Italy
2011 094  'LMS2', office, Milano, Italy
2011 091  'TIG', house, Firenze, Italy
2011 090  'MG2', house, Milano, Italy
2011 089  'Notte Bianca', temporary structure, Firenze, Italy
2010 086  'Loretino', house, Firenze, Italy
2010 085  'ViaRoma1', mixed use, Telese, Italy
2010 084  'Edi', office, Milano, Italy
2010 082  'GLG2', private spa, Roma, Italy
2009 081  'Petita', house, Melizzano, Italy
2009 078  'Monna', house, Melizzano, Italy
2009 077  'Donnini', house, Firenze, Italy
2008 074  'HardLand', house, Ascea, Italy
2008 072  'LMS', office, Milano, Italy
2008 070  New Public School, competition, Prato, Italy
2007 068  'ViaCarducci!', house, Napoli, Italy
2007 067  'AM', office, Milano, Italy
2007 066  'GLG', house, Milano, Italy
2007 064  ‘AirPortOne’, concept store, Napoli, Italy
2007 063  ‘Barilla’, restaurant chain, invited competition, 1st prize, 100 locations, China
2007 061  New Public School, competition, 1st prize, Ruviano, Italy
2006 058  Public Library, competition, Maserada sul Piave, Italy
2006 056  Jeongok Prehistory Museum, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
2006 054  ‘Babenberger’, house, Wien, Austria
2005 051  ‘Trip’, concept store, Napoli, Italy
2005 050  ‘Il San Pietro’, hotel, Positano, Italy
2005 046  ‘Pret a Lodger’, hotel, Napoli, Italy
2005 042  The Parachute Pavilion, competition, New York, US
2005 040  ‘Rhapsody’, restaurant, London, UK
2004 032  ‘Casa J’, house, Napoli, Italy
2004 023  ‘Casa FK’, house, Napoli, Italy
2003 020  ‘AML’, office, Pozzuoli, Italia
2003 019  Nam June Paik Museum, competition, finalist, Seoul, South Korea
2003 014  ‘Casa Mia’, house, Napoli, Italy
2003 012  ‘Casa T’, house, Panarea, Eolian Island, Italy
2002 008  Great Egyptian Museum, competition, Giza, Egypt
2002 002  ‘138 boxes’, Showroom for MaxiHo, Napoli, Italy
2002 001  Pedestrian Bridge, competition, 3rd prize, Viareggio, Italy
Exhibitions (selection)
2008 Le Scuole di Prato, 20 projects on view, Town hall, Prato
2007 Public Library in Maserada del Piave (TV), L'Architettura Dei Concorsi, 7 esperienze nella provincia di Treviso, Museo di S. Caterina, Treviso
2006 On Tour with Renzo Piano & Building Workshop: Selected Projects, Nasher Sculptur Center, Dallas
2005 On Tour with Renzo Piano & Building Workshop: Selected Projects, Los Angeles County Museum of Art
2005 The Parachute Pavilion Competition, Van Alen Institute, New York
2005 The Bauwelt Prize 2004, BAU Gallery, Munchen
2004 Exhibition For The Nam June Paik Museum Competition, Pyongchang-Dong, Seoul
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